Open are landscape is now the preferred solution for office designs. The challenge is often that the users have to few access points to silent rooms for telephone calls, meetings and relaxation. Use of QuietPod opens new possibilities for flexible room solutions for use in different zones. This secures employes quick access to good rooms customized for different applications.


  • Mobility: All QuietPod´s go on wheels and can easily be moved around in the office or disassembled for transportation to another building
  • Individual furnishing: We give you the inspiration – you do the choices
  • Flexibility: Create your own QuietPod with a choice of materials, modules and technical solutions.
  • Economic: QuietPod can be rented, has long lifetime and great residual value (from cradle to cradle)
  • Quick assembling: 2 men can assemble 2 complete QuietPod`s in maximum one working day. No other artisans needed.
  • Confidentiality: We guarantee confidential conversations and meetings in open areas
  • Sound insulated: QuietPod is designed with the thought of highest possible sound insulating.